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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympic Diving 2012 Training #2

Here is another set of female divers photos from the training sessions prior to the competition days.

Ukrainian Synchronized Divers

Hu Yadan (China)

Malaysian  Diver

Arantxa Chavez (Mexico)

Viktoriya Potekhina (Ukraine)

Hu Yadan (China)

Paola Espinosa & Alejandra Orozco (Mexico)

Melissa Wu (Australia)

Paola Espinosa (Mexico)

Cheong Jun Heong & Traisy Vivien (Malaysia)

Ng Yan Yee (Malaysia)

Juliana Veloso (Brazil)

This is what I call "heavenly" pair of sexy female diver legs!


  1. Awesome shot if Hu Yadan! Hope to see lots more od her Luke this.

  2. Hi,
    great site!!! I love your photos.

    you seem to be really an expert: do you know the diver in these images: