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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

13th FINA World Championships (1) - Synchro Diving

The 14th FINA World Championships kicked off 3 days ago in Shanghai, China. There has been a plenty of women diving action so I will dedicate the upcoming posts to show you the amazing high quality photos of the women diving events. Make sure to click on the photos to see their original size. Follow my blog for the upcoming updates of this incredible diving event!

These photos are from the 3m synchronized diving event:

Jennifer Abel & Emilie Heymans (Canada)

Ngai Ho Wing & Sharon Chan (Hong Kong)

Anna Pysmenska & Olena Fedorova (Ukraine)

Anna Pysmenska & Olena Fedorova (Ukraine)

Arantxa Chavez and Paola Espinosa (Mexico)

Katja Dieckow & Uschi Freitag (Germany)

Wu Minxia & He Zi (China)

Wu Minxia & He Zi (China)

Wu Minxia & He Zi (China)

Christina Loukas & Kassidy Cook (USA)

Wu Minxia & He Zi (China)

Fanny Bouvet & Marion Farissier (France)

Mun Yee Leong & Yan Yee Ng (Malaysia)

Lo I Teng & Choi Sut Ian (Macau)

Anna Pysmenska & Olena Fedorova (Ukraine)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Diving Twists

This time I will post photos of twists. I adore the how the female divers seem to overcome the feeling of dizziness that comes together with the twisting (which is actually rolling in the air). Usually in the twist position, one hand would be behind the head and the other would hold the chest. I guess great body control, practice and determination is what it takes to achieve their perfection.

Yulia Pakhalina (Russia)
Malaysian Diver

Tatiana Ortiz (Mexico)
Laura Sánchez (Mexico)

Chinese Diver

Wu Minxia (China)


Nora Barta (Hungary)
Paola Espinosa (Mexico)

Mexican Diver
Jashia Luna (Mexico)