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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympic Diving 2012 Training #1

The Olympics Games are here and so are some great Olympic action diving photos from the women diving events. These pictures are only from the training sessions. When the diving events will start I will post more great diving images. Hope you enjoy and please come visit again. I aim to post as many women diving photos as possible for 2012 Olympic Games.

Roseline Filion (Canada)

Roseline Filion (Canada)

Unrecognized Diver

Olena Fedorova (Ukraine)

Iuliia Prokopchuk & Viktoriya Potyekhina (Ukraine)

Cassidy Krug (United States)

Meaghan Benfeito & Roseline Filion (Canada)

Meaghan Benfeito (Canada)

Leong Mun Yee (Malaysia)

Paola Espinosa (Mexico)

Francesca Dallape (Italy)

Francesca Dallape (Italy)


  1. perfect all shot Love you Wm. ^^

  2. very sexy thanks